Bicester Cafe is a coffee shop and bar found in the middle of uptown Cebu. The place is the perfect spot for early birds who want to have breakfast, for friends who want to have good conversations over coffee and workaholics who need to unwind with drinks after a long day.

Bicester Cafe is inspired by Bicester Village, a popular shopping district in Oxford, just outside London. Known for its unique architecture, Bicester Village houses a number of retail brands, making it a favourite destination for tourists and shoppers alike.

Bicester Cafe used the hashtag #MyFavoriteCorner as its campaign handle. The campaign handle was inspired by the brand story of how Bicester became a memorable place for the owner. The handle fits perfectly with the brand story as Bicester Cafe is located in the corner of a commercial compound, making it an easy and relaxing spot to visit in the middle of bustling Cebu City.